14. Juni 2022

Big tech and Spyware (14 June 2022)

The use of spyware massively undermines trust in digital privacy. Are major platforms aware of this, and can or do they and, above all, their users want to take legal action against it?

The General Data Protection Regulation at least makes it possible to hold companies accountable for breaches of data protection and privacy. But what about in the case of mercenary spy programs used by police forces or intelligence agencies? Do companies even cooperate with security authorities in the use of Pegasus & Co?

Panel 1:

Kaja Ciglic, Microsoft

Charley Snyder, Google

David Agranovich, Meta

Panel 2:

Ross Anderson, Cambridge University

Patricia Egger, Proton AGWeiterlesen

20. April 2011

Innenausschuss stellt hohe Anforderungen an Einsatz von Körperscannern

Am 19.4.11 hat der Ausschuss für Bürgerliche Freiheiten, Justiz und Inneres des Europaparlaments seine Stellungnahme zur EU-weiten Einführung von Körperscannern an Flughäfen angenommen. … Weiterlesen